EV Driving Experience 2021

At the request of many of our members, we're organizing an EV Driving Experience at the Circuit-Zolder on Sunday 24 October 2021.

Our special deal is 125€ per car (incl. the driver)* + 25€/passenger**. You'll have the opportunity to drive your own EV on the Circuit Zolder track.

Check with your insurance broker for extra coverage as this is at your own risk and usually not covered by your standard insurance

Picture credit: Tino Jacobs

*VAT Included
**On the Circuit only 2 people per car are allowed for Safety reasons. You can rotate passengers between the different blocks.

07:00-08:30Registration & Coffee
9:00Blok 1 (7 groups)-On Circuit with PaceCarFirst-Timers/Beginners
10:45Demo slot for brands/sponsors with licensed pilot (Without PaceCar)Expert
11:00Blok 2-On Circuit with PaceCarIntermediate
12:45Demo slot for brands/sponsors with licensed pilot (Without PaceCar)
13:00Parade calm at 40 km/h x number of rounds + Group pictureFirst-Timers/Beginners
14:00Blok 3-On Circuit Delayed startIntermediate/Expert
15:45Demo slot for brands/sponsors with licensed pilot (Without PaceCar)
16:00Blok 4-On Circuit Delayed Start with takeover on straight linesExpert
17:45Exclusive Demo slot for brands/sponsors with a licensed pilot (Without PaceCar)
18:00Close of Circuit

Your registration will only be confirmed after you've transferred the payment to the account you'll receive by email.

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EV Driving Experience 2021

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