(Not a) Model Y arrival in Belgium

16 August 2021

(Not a) Model Y arrival in Belgium

On Monday August 16th, 2021, Tesla Owners Club Belgium Board members were able to have a sneak preview of the Model Y. Thank you to Tesla Team and all parties involved for having us. 

Text and pictures by Martin Gillet.

Tesla Model Y will be available on static display as of 14:00 on August 17th, 2021 at the Service Center in Zaventem (Brussels) and Aartselaar (Antwerp). Service Centers are closing at 18:00.

Test drives will be organized soon as of September, including a Model Y tour to let people discover the (not a) Model Y.

Welcome aboard Model Y !

Rear view of Model Y with large cargo bay.

3 adults featuring Board seated in the Model Y.

Trunk extra cargo (1 of 2)

Trunk extra extra cargo (2 of 2)

Power outlet in trunk.

7 seats configuration setup.

Frunk close up, much deeper versus Model 3.

Nice additional feature : a sealing for the frunk.

Are you not entertained ? Electrifying sneak preview of not a Model Y, featuring Tesla Owners Club Belgium Board members (from left to right Gwenn, Martin, Kelly, Byron; Excused : Christophe).

Side by Side with Model 3 to provide an idea of volumes.

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