New Partnership with Hankook Tire

Tesla Owners Club Belgium has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Hankook Tire, the first company to develop exclusive tires for EVs. Hankook also supplies Tesla with OEM tires.

Get your fresh set of Hankook tires from the EV Tire Shop, which offers a 20% discount on Hankook EV Tires by using promo code: TeslaClubBE24S. You will also receive a lovely gift from Hankook as a Tesla Owners Club Belgium member. Please take a look at the EV Tire shop website for more information on Hankook tires and their availability.

20% additional discount on the already lower prices of the shop website by using a promo code (Waardebon) for EV tires:
Cash-back on the mounting costs of iON tires purchased from EV Tire Shop, up to a maximum of €35 per tire by sending your Mounting & EV Tire Shop purchase invoice to Tires will be shipped directly to the garage of your choice when ordered.
There will also be a premium welcome gift for all the first orders: FLSK ThermoBottle.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Hankook Tires

If you're still unsure whether EV tires really add value to your electric car, take note. Hankook gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all tires. Don't like them? Then, you can exchange them for other tires within two weeks, free of charge. Details and conditions 

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