Bolt Energy

TOCB and Bolt are joining forces!

Bolt is the first sustainable energy platform in Belgium that makes it possible and super easy to buy electricity directly from local, green energy producers. You decide yourself from which one of the 60 Belgian entrepreneurs you get your energy. From farms with biogas installations to a tennis club with solar panels or a hydropower plant on the Meuse. By buying your energy locally, you know exactly where your energy comes from and where your money goes. This way Bolt wants to put an end to the greenwashing of Belgian energy contracts with foreign certificates.

In other words, to make sure that your sustainable electric car also runs on sustainable electricity, you should know who is generating your energy and where it comes from. Through TOCB and Bolt, you can now make a conscious choice for real energy from real people. But that’s not all, in the months to come, TOCB and Bolt will look into an application to measure and visualize the sustainability of the electricity you use to charge your car.

Do you also want access to the Special TOCB Deal and at the same time save on your electricity bill while using locally produced green energy? Then leave your details here and we'll get back to you.

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Bolt Energy

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